Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Duke Bootees of Hazard

"Every time I go out bitches notice me
BAPE hoodie zipped to the top, how they know it's me?"

Tay B ft. FMB DZ - Back 2 Back Part 2
(From AFLN King album; 2017)

Via ANU. Time waits for no one, but The Message beatjacks are eternal like East 1999 innit. The history books might never give Duke Bootee proper credit for the song he composed, wrote, and rapped on before Melle Mel added a recycled verse, but can't nobody hold that beat down.

For whatever reason, 2017 Detroit street rap makes the most sense to me within the context of beatjacking: this song, Doughboyz Cashout's This Is How We Move It, AllStar Lee's The Fresh Prince Of Brick Mile, and FMB DZ's Friday.


L.A said...

What does the Friday track beat jack?

Si Mane Price said...

There Dey Go by TRU.

L.A said...

Oh thanks

Love that Montell Jordan remake

Ray Garraty said...

Finally FMB DZ wave got to you.

Si Mane Price said...

I was gonna put Friday in my year end list, but figured 2 Detroit remakes was enough.

Ray Garraty said...

you need to check Team Eastside Peezy, too, though I suspect you'll say he's not on par with another Peezy.

David said...

Sada Baby - Return With My Strap is in this canon also

D said...

All the White Gzus shit was doing something interesting w beat jacks, like sampling the rap song rather than the source/just using the instrumental. The Seen A Man Die one especially sticks in my mind. Also digging into DBC recently them lads are consistent in the same way. they're not groundbreaking either but w e

Also in the absence of instrumentals, Trel etc straight up remaking thems class man.

Mad into someone rapping over There Dey Go.

Andrew Barber said...

"Friday" and "Heavy" and "The Field" featuring the equally awesome Sada Baby are some of my favorites of the year

Sada's "Skuba Ruffin" is my favorite outta Detroit this year though....easy

Fred said...

This one's probably one of my favourite The Message jacks:

Seagrams whole discography is worth revisiting.

Si Mane Price said...