Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Devin The Rude

"Ain't nuthin' I can say to keep her away, she be on me
You treat her coochie like sushi, to me it's a buncha baloney"

Devin The Dude - Yo' Ho
(From the Just Tryin' Ta Live advance; 2002)

Upped this for someone a couple weeks back so I might as well throw it up here too. Basically, the lost Dr. Dre track from the advance version of Devin's Just Tryin' Ta Live which ended up getting removed from the retail version of the album. This one was floating around on Soulseek/Kazaa back in 2002, and later turned up under a different title on one of the cash-in albums Rap-A-Lot released in the late noughties after Devin had left the label. Maybe Dre did J. Prince a two-tracks-for-one deal in exchange for Devin's contributions to Fuck You, but I'm still confused, bamboozled and bullshitted why Yo' Ho got cast into obscurity.


GGGGG said...

Old Devin is fire

Andrew Barber said...

wow, i've never heard this. this is fire. not sure i like it better than "it's a shame" though

Si Mane Price said...

There was a different version of Right Now on the advance too, but they had the James Taylor sample replayed and then put it on Devin's 3rd album.

Fred said...

Thanks a lot for this one, JTTL might be my favourite Devin album.

Andrew Barber said...

The Dude is still my favorite Devin album. JTTL is a close second, but The Dude was such an underground classic. He was coming off stealing the show on the Facemob's 'The Other Side of the Law' album and "Fuck Faces" and was on fire.

I can't find the article, but I remember reading that 'The Dude' was Dre's favorite album in the '2001' era. I wonder what would've happened had he worked out a deal with J Prince and brought Devin to Aftermath like he wanted to. Perhaps he would've ended up like Hitman.

But having to wait 4 years between The Dude and JTTL was just insane. He had so much momentum in 99 coming off that album and the Dre album/Up In Smoke Tour

Si Mane Price said...

I couldn't find a copy of The Dude in the U.K until 1999. Rap-A-Lot albums were a real bastard to get over here in the late 90s.

Andrew Barber said...

RAL releases were always a mess -- even here in the US. Not sure what was going on with their distro, but if you look at their 90s discography on Wikipedia, a lot of that stuff I NEVER saw in stores at the time.

Si Mane Price said...

The people who found a copy of the R.N.D.S compilation in their local record store back in the day are the rap game equivalent of the people who've seen the Loch Ness monster.