Monday, 13 November 2017

My momma his momma neighbour, I owe him 100 favours

"N*ggas be loudmouth until they hear that 'K buss
Potato on the barrel, I don't really like to say much
I catch him at his bitch house with his dick out where he cake up
And leave what he was thankin' on the blanket by her make-up'"

PC Tweezie ft. Murk - Pay Up
(From Palm Beach Post mixtape; 2015)

Who knew Trel Itz A Hit was lacing random Florida rappers back in 2015? Not me.


hotbox said...

Trel got that fire Boosie & Maine need to get laced

Si Mane Price said...

Maine has one.

Jesse said...

This isn't related (tight song, though, you are a truly gifted slapp hunter) but have you been to ? Pretty cool site!

Si Mane Price said...

No way, I've got my own bizarro world!

hotbox said...

Damn didn't realize that Synthetic was Trel

Si Mane Price said...

I only know he did it because he posted it on IG (also how I found out about the PC Tweezie song.)

d said...

Another gr8 one, is it just me or do all these lads rap like Webbie? That kinda barking punchlines shit

Boosie was on the You Know I Aint Scared remix too.

Si Mane Price said...

U Know I Ain't Scared was produced by some guy called Jig or summat ("You know it's a hit when you got Jig on tha track!")

d said...

Thought "great news, its a movement" there but listening back now w that information its not rly Trel-ish after all. I think I just associate yelling Baton Rouge lads w him now.

Still cool that theres ppl making local sounding beats though, luv Louisiana